Ex-prostitute celebrates 3 months celibacy.

A lady identified as Sharon has just completed her discipleship and leadership course at the Miracle Bible college. The lady, a former prostitute from China and other countries underwent over five abortions, according to a report shared by her church, the Miracle Center Cathedral. According to the report, in order to continue with her business, … Read moreEx-prostitute celebrates 3 months celibacy.

Evidence of Kindness – Do you any proof?

Several children and their parents filed into a room in which a neo-natal nurse sat. The kids were carrying pictures of themselves as premature infants—years ago, they had been cared for by the nurse. Before the group surprised her, she had watched a video in which the parents expressed how thankful they were for her … Read moreEvidence of Kindness – Do you any proof?

What Are Reasons Some Christians Doubt Their Salvation?

Tweet I know of several Christians who have doubts as to whether they’re saved or not. What’s going on with these believers? Feelings Versus Truth When I speak with people who feel they’ve lost their salvation, which is more than you might think, they place far too … Read moreWhat Are Reasons Some Christians Doubt Their Salvation?