The Prayer Jesus Gave

The movie Deepwater Horizon depicts the true events of a tragic oil rig explosion that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The sudden underwater eruption killed eleven crewmembers and created a massive oil spill. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source: Visit Our Daily Journey for daily inspiration Share this with friends on … Read moreThe Prayer Jesus Gave

Green Shoots

For nearly a century, two towering ash trees have shaded our house and stood like sentinels watching over it. Within the last decade, however, one of the ashes suffered a mortal wound, and in the intervening years the rot and carpenter ants did their business. The arborist told us there was no saving the tree … Read moreGreen Shoots

How We Live

Baby Jeremy was born with a condition in which his bile ducts were absent, causing bile to build up inside his body and damage his liver. The only option to prevent his death was a liver transplant. Thankfully for Jeremy, his father underwent a lengthy medical procedure to provide healing for him. Jeremy was given … Read moreHow We Live

When Should Someone Be Excommunicated?

Tweet When should someone be excommunicated or should they be at all? The Purpose of Discipline In our thinking, our friends would never wound us and our enemies would never help us, but the Proverbs say “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses … Read moreWhen Should Someone Be Excommunicated?