Talking with Your Kids about God is Available for Pre-Order!

Talking with Your Kids about God is Available for Pre-Order!

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Talking with Your Kids about GodIt is with much excitement that I’m finally able to tell you about my new book today and announce that it’s available for pre-order at,, and!

Many of you read my first book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, which came out last year. It was written to equip Christian parents with an understanding of 40 important faith challenges kids will encounter today. It covered questions across the major subject areas of God, truth and worldviews, Jesus, the Bible, and Science. To follow Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, I wanted to write books that dig deeper into one of these major subjects at a time, giving parents the ultimate resource set for raising kids with a deeply rooted faith that’s ready for a secular world.

My new book, Talking with Your Kids about God, kicks off a series that will do exactly that! It covers 30 new and deeper conversations specifically about God that parents and kids must have today. The next book, Talking with Your Kids about Jesus, will be released next year. Further titles in the series are to be determined, but the third will probably be Talking with Your Kids about the Bible.

Talking with Your Kids about God is written in the same easy-to-understand, parent-to-parent style as Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side and chapters are still mercifully short (about 5 pages each). But there’s an awesome new feature in this series: Every chapter has a step-by-step conversation guide with discussion questions, making it even easier to have these conversations with your kids!

Not only that…each chapter methodically builds upon the last, making this a cumulative learning experience that can be used as a curriculum in homes, church classes, youth groups, small groups, and homeschools. Content is adaptable for use with kids from elementary age through high school.

Whether you’ve read Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side and are looking for the next step in your learning or want to jump directly into this more in-depth resource on the subject of God specifically, you’ll find the direction you need to have 30 must-have faith conversations that will benefit your kids for a lifetime.

I’m honored to say that Dr. Sean McDowell wrote the foreword, and it’s also endorsed by Frank Turek, Kristen Welch, Jeff Myers, Craig Hazen, J. Warner Wallace, Andy Bannister, Melissa Cain Travis, Jerusha Clark, Michael Sherrard, and Jason Byerly. I’ll share their endorsements below, but first you can take a look at the table of contents.

If you’re not sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to have the following important conversations with your kids—or you could use some helpful conversation guides to go along with what you know—pre-order your copy today!

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Existence of God


  1. What can we learn about God from nature?
  2. Where did the universe come from?
  3. Where did life come from?
  4. Where did our moral understanding come from?
  5. What’s the difference between God and a flying spaghetti monster?
  6. How much evidence do we need to be confident God exists?

Part 2: Science and God


  1. Can science prove or disprove God’s existence?
  2. Do science and religion contradict one other?
  3. Do science and religion complement one another?
  4. Is God just an explanation for what science doesn’t yet know?
  5. Can science explain why people believe in God?
  6. What do scientists believe about God?

Part 3: The Nature of God


  1. What can we learn about God from the Bible?
  2. What does it mean that God is love?
  3. What does it mean that God is just?
  4. Why does God seem so harsh in parts of the Old Testament?
  5. How can God be three persons in one?
  6. Why didn’t God reveal more of Himself in the Bible?

Part 4: Believing in God


  1. Why do people believe so many different things about God?
  2. Do all religions worship the same God?
  3. Is what you believe about God simply a matter of where you grew up?
  4. Why do Christians sometimes doubt their belief in God?
  5. How do we know God hears and answers prayers?
  6. How can we develop a relationship with a God we can’t see or hear?

Part 5: The Difference God Makes


  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. Do we really have free will?
  3. What should we do with our lives?
  4. What is our responsibility to other people?
  5. How should we make sense of evil?
  6. Why does biblical hope matter?


Hey parents: Do you want to reduce the chances that your child will follow the crowd to the point of rejecting Christ and the values and truths you hold so dearly? Then you need to have the conversations that Natasha Crain so brilliantly describes in this book. Prevent heartbreak later by reading and heeding this book now!

Dr. Frank Turek, president of Cross Examined Ministries and author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and Stealing from God


I can’t think of a more relevant or more needed book for parents raising kids in today’s culture. This book on apologetics will lead parents in critical conversations that will help grow and guide kids to be lifelong followers of Christ.

Kristen Welch, author of Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

Here’s my suggestion for this smart, funny, honest, and practical book: read each chapter carefully. Then read it again (they’re short). Then pray that your kids ask questions about God. If within five minutes they do not, ask them the questions listed at the end of each chapter. May this book lead to thousands more Moms and Dads engaging with their kids through an intelligent faith. And may there be tens of thousands more kids who feel loved because the adults in their lives take their questions seriously.

Jeff Myers, PhD, president, Summit Ministries

I am a veteran of dinner-table and long-car-ride conversations with my kids about key issues in theology, philosophy, and apologetics. I’m a huge fan of doing this. I’ve seen how it can cause anti-Christian arguments from skeptics to roll off my kids because they have already heard some of the best arguments for Christianity. It is a lost art, but not lost on Natasha Crain. She is my go-to person on how to train parents and engage kids on these topics of eternal importance. Buy a case of her books and pass them around to other parents and grandparents you know. Then, put it all into practice and watch what God does. It might be the most important thing you can do with your kids in a wildly skeptical age. It turns out that Christianity is true, and our arguments are solid. We and our kids need to be equipped. Thank you, Natasha, for giving us such a wonderful resource to help us all to do the job.

Craig Hazen, PhD, founder and director of the apologetics program at Biola University, author of Five Sacred Crossings

Talking with Your Kids about God is the most important Christian parenting book you will buy this year. Natasha Crain has masterfully crafted a practical, engaging resource that will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to have meaningful conversations with your kids. Have you ever felt like you aren’t ready to navigate difficult questions about God with your kids? This book will change that. Natasha has written a smart, accessible, and winsome guide for parents who are eager to lead their kids to the truth. Get it now, and don’t miss the next books in this important series.

J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective, senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, Forensic Faith, and the accompanying children’s books

As an evangelist who spends much of my time talking with those who have doubts and questions about God—and as the father of two young children—I highly recommend Talking with Your Kids about God. Not least because the questions kids ask are often some of the deepest and most honest, but also because if we don’t answer their questions, they’re going to conclude there are no answers and walk away at the first opportunity. Natasha has written a fantastic tool to equip parents to talk honestly with their kids, to listen properly, to ask good questions, and to help them see that there’s only one good reason to be a Christian—not because Mum or Dad believe it, but because it’s true.

Andy Bannister, PhD, adjunct speaker, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Talking with Your Kids about God is an outstanding resource for equipping parents with the techniques and knowledge they need to have effective conversations with their children about the truths of Christianity. Natasha Crain has done an extraordinary job of distilling a large body of material into readable and interesting chapters that can be tackled by topic. As a scholar in the field of science and religion, I was particularly impressed with her treatment of the scientific issues that intersect with the Christian faith. I’ll be recommending her book to every parent I know.

Melissa Cain Travis, MA, author of the Young Defenders storybook series and assistant professor of apologetics, Houston Baptist University

If you want your kids to develop a well-reasoned, evidence-based faith that can withstand the onslaught of cultural attacks, buy this book today! Natasha Crain makes complex scientific and theological issues accessible for concerned parents like you and me. Each chapter is clear, concise, and Christ-centered, empowering parents to engage in conversations that can change the course of their children’s lives. Your entire family will benefit from this important resource!

Jerusha Clark, author of twelve books, including Your Teenager Is Not Crazy and Every Piece of Me

All across the country and around the world, I get asked the same questions over and over again: How do I talk to my kids about the tough questions they will have about God? Are there any books out there that can help me? I can now answer both questions with one answer: this book. Easy to read and easy to use, this book will help you to have the important, insightful, and intelligent conversations you need to have with your kids about God.

Michael C. Sherrard, pastor, cocreator of Ratio Christi College Prep, and author of Relational Apologetics

In a world that’s increasingly skeptical about Christianity, our kids need to understand what they believe and why. Talking with Your Kids about God is a fantastic tool to make those conversations easy and natural. As a children’s pastor, I can tell you this book is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your child’s faith. Every parent and children’s or student pastor needs to unpack these chapters with their kids.

Jason Byerly, children’s pastor and author of God’s Big Adventure family devotional

As a homeschooling mother, it is imperative to me that my children know what they believe and why. Rather than waiting for them to encounter the world’s arguments by surprise, Natasha empowers parents to guide their children in asking crucial questions, reasoning through the answers, and taking ownership of their own faith. The curriculum-style format makes this a fantastic resource for homeschoolers, Sunday school classes, or small groups, equipping the next generation with the greatest gift we can give them: a deeply rooted faith that can withstand the storms of doubt, skepticism, and an increasingly hostile culture.

Rachel Bjorklund, homeschooling mother of four, Classical Conversations tutor

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